Sterilization Chambers

EP2 C-130 / EP2 C-220

ETOPRO sterilization chambers for pure Ethylene Oxide, negative pressure with two sterilization cycles: 37ºC and 55ºC


Features EP2 C-130 EP2 C-220
Aluminium chambers measures 750X450X400MM 1250X450X400MM
External dimension 950X860X1730MM 1450X860X1730
Volume liters 135 liters 225 liters
ETO cartridge 100G 170G
ETO concentration 735MG/L 750MG/L
Main control CPU Siemens CPU Siemens
Screen LCD 11-485 LCD 11-485
Pneumatic valves Gume Gume
Vacuum bomb Thomas Usa High Speed 2660 Thomas Usa High Speed2660
Sterile filter Sartorius Gemany Sartorius Germany
Temperature sensor PT100 ZIBO PT100 ZIBO
Nett weight 300KG 400KG

This product is not marketed in Brazil